Our store consists of three different sections. The original part of the store is located at the main entrance. If you turn right from there, you will find our newest addition, the Glacier store. On the left, you will find The Gullfoss store, which has the entrance closest to the waterfall.”
We offer a wide variety of Icelandic brands and crafts, locally made items, and Icelandic designs.

The classic Icelandic souvenirs
If you’re searching for a traditional Icelandic souvenir, the centre part has a wide variety of options such as fridge magnets, toy puffins, rune necklaces, and drinking horns. However, that’s not all! We also have Icelandic souvenirs such as salt, tea, chocolate, t-shirts, mugs, and blankets. Don’t forget to check out our beautiful jewellery made of lava stones as well.

Going outdoors / On the road
You can also find useful products for your travels, including USB chargers, hiking sticks, crampons, bathing suits, and essential camping gear.

In style
If you’re interested in dressing in an Icelandic style, visit the newest section of our Glacier store. You’ll discover beautiful brands like Feldur, which offers fur items, trendy raincoats, jackets, and shoes from Ilse Jacobsen, and stylish clothing for both men and women from Farmer’s Market. Additionally, you’ll find travel bags, Lapuan Kankurit linen and wool textiles, and other items here.

In Iceland, we celebrate Christmas, which we call ‘Jól’, with great enthusiasm. Unlike other countries, we have 13 Santa’s, and it’s always fun to talk about them. That’s why we have a Christmas corner where you can find everything related to Christmas throughout the year. We have books, glass or felt ornaments, playing cards, and much more.

Books & maps
We have a designated corner where you can find a variety of books on national culture, fun facts, children’s literature, cooking, fiction, and classic sagas. Additionally, we offer calendars, notebooks, and road maps in the same section.

Don’t forget to check out our postcards featuring the stunning Gullfoss waterfalls and other picturesque sights in Iceland. You can even mail them right here with us!

We are currently working on our online shop and hope to offer our collection soon! If you prefer to have your purchases shipped to you, please check out our online store or let us know.

And more
You can find a range of our best jewellery brands, skincare products, and artwork throughout the store. Whether you’re shopping in-store or online, this is the perfect destination for all your shopping needs.


We look forward to seeing you!